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146 S. Granite St., Prescott AZ 86303
928-445-5400 | Fax 928-776-0243

Brian Moore, Chief Financial Officer | ext.103 | brian.moore@prescottschools.com
Vacant, Asst. to Business Services | ext. 108

Kathy Wallner, Bookkeeper – Aux. Operations/Student Activities/Tax Credits | ext. 109

Bonnie Anderson, Bookkeeper – Accounts Payable | ext. 123


Shelley West, Operations Manager | ext. 111 | shelley.west@prescottschools.com
Rebecca Davis, Payroll Clerk | ext. 110 | becca.davis@prescottschools.com
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Connie Goode, Director of Purchasing | connie.goode@prescottschools.com
Linda Griffes, Purchasing Clerk | linda.griffes@prescottschools.com
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Prescott Unified School District has two main funding categories: Maintenance and Operations (M&O) and Capital. The M&O can only be used for salaries, supplies, purchased services, travel, and utilities. The Capital side has three sub-categories: The Unrestricted Capital can be spent on land and building improvements, furniture and equipment, pupil and non-pupil transportation vehicles, textbooks, instructional materials, and library books. It is legal for this fund to be transferred over to the M&O fund. PUSD has transferred the majority of this fund to M&O.

The Soft Capital fund monies may only be used for short-term capital items that are required to meet academic adequacy standards such as technology, textbooks, library resources, instructional materials, pupil transportation vehicles, and furniture and equipment. The funding for this account is based on student count and cannot be transferred to the M&O fund.

The Building Renewal fund (also known as Students First) may be used for major renovations and repairs of a building that will maintain or extend the useful life of a building, infrastructure costs, and staff consultants to assist in identifying, defining, or executing building renewal projects. The money for this fund is not based on student count. The revenue comes from the state and is based on the age and condition of our buildings and other factors.

This is all mandated by the Arizona Department of Education and the State of Arizona.