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We are Room 24: A Community of Learners

by | Oct 2, 2017

This article was written by the students in Room 24.

Hello, Prescott. We are Room 24, Ms. Williams’ fourth-grade class at Abia Judd Elementary School. There are 30 of us and even though we are so different, we would not be the amazing class that we are without each other. Community is important to us here in Room 24. We need each other’s support to grow into the successful adults we will soon become. Ms. Williams always tells us that we have the power to climb to reach our goals every single day. In order for us to be a community of learners that supports that goal being a team first is essential.

We are a community of learners because we collaborate, focus on growth, and try our best. We are engineers of the brain. We know that the harder we work our brains, the better our brains work. It is important to grow not only as people, but also as a learning community. We improve every day we try. That’s what counts. In Room 24, we know that when we practice we see great results. When we work together, we grow more than we ever could alone. This class always has a positive mindset because of our teacher, Ms. Williams. We as a class are a community of learners and are on are one team, Team Williams!

We are a community of learners because we are caring, loving, and we work together as a family. What’s most important about this class is that we never give up on each other. One student said, “I’m happy that I get to be in this class this year and if you ever come to our class you’ll see how much we care about each other!” Whenever we get hurt, we always forgive each other. We never, ever bully each other and we mean NEVER bully each other! When we walk into Room 24, we know that we are safe. No one will judge us by how we look, and we know that making mistakes is okay. Whenever times get rough, we have each other’s backs. The students in Room 24 will stick together like Jolly Ranchers. We are a working, collaborative community and always will be. Room 24 is there for each other, academically, emotionally, and socially—no matter what.

Ms. Williams feels inspired by being our teacher in Room 24. Even though she has taught us a lot, she says that we have taught her even more. We learn and grow from each other every day. When we look around our classroom, we see amazing, outstanding, and smart students. One student said, “I say to myself how lucky I am to have tons of amazing people to share this world with! Together we are truly a team of outstanding people!” Room 24 is the best because we inspire each other to be better people every day!

When the dismissal bell rings, we know that tomorrow we will be entering a room with no exceptions. We know that we must try our hardest and do our best work at all times. In Room 24 there are always high expectations. We know that as long as we always try our best, take chances, and work as a team, we will overcome any obstacle put in our way. With teamwork anything is possible.



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