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Native Family Nights

by | May 29, 2018

The PUSD Family Resource Center was abuzz Tuesday evenings, when Native Family Nights convened, and where students and Native families built friendships while participating in culturally relevant activities such as traditional arts, creative writing, and film.

 “It is important for us to have a space to come together and teach our children about our culture and traditions,” said Jess Kota, PUSD Indian Education Parent Committee Chair. “It is too often that our children learn the negative aspects of our community in the public eye. Indian Ed is a space for us to learn all the positives so we can grown strong and confident in who we are as Native people.”

The Indian Education Program is supported by grant funding. The current program is overseen by Kelly Mattox, Grant Specialist with PUSD. Mattox shares her vision, “My hope is to build and sustain PUSD’s Indian Education Program for students of all Indigenous Tribal Affiliations, bridging gaps for learning and sharing.”

A core group of students attends Native Family Nights every week. Mattox hopes to expand that number going forward. “It was fun and we got to do a lot of crafts and make a lot of stuff,” said Shiloh Morgan, 5th grade student at Granite Mountain.

This year ended with a celebratory banquet. The banquet featured a catered dinner, live music by local Navajo flute player Michael Goodluck, and a t-shirt giveaway.

The Indian Education Program is one more link in PUSD’s efforts to reach Every Child. Every Day.

PUSD families with Tribal affiliation who are interested in joining this program can contact Mattox at the school district office at 928-830-7658. To learn more, visit the PUSD Indian Education Facebook page.



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