No PUSD funds are used for these events. We greatly appreciate the following sponsors who donate the resources to make this event possible.

RECOGNITION GIFTS SPONSOR:credit-union-west-logo

Credit Union West – Evan Norris, Community Relations Specialist

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Plan Member Financial Center / PRG Financial Investment Coaching – Robert Young, President

Going the Extra Mile Award

2016-2017 2nd Semester Winners:

Jeff Becher -1st Grade Teacher, Abia Judd Elementary School

Dan Bullara – Behavior Specialist, Exceptional Student Services

Kelly Gallagher – 6th Grade Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher, Granite Mountain School

Debbie Hammer – Art & Sculpture Teacher, Prescott High School

Jennifer Harte – Family Resource Center Coordinator, Grants

Barb Hoppes – Special Education Para Pro – Prescott High School

Lori Markham – 1st Grade Teacher, Abia Judd Elementary School

Emily McHale – 8th Grade Social Studies Teacher, Mile High Middle School

Lanette Merkt – Preschool Teacher, Discovery Gardens Early Childhood Center

Ashley Wheeler – 4th Grade Teacher, Abia Judd Elementary School

2016-2017 1st Semester Winners:

Mark Baker – Computer Technology Teacher, Mile High Middle School

Garry Chartier – Facility Rental Coordinator, District

Courtney Check – English Teacher, Prescott High School

Stephen Cook – Long-term Guest Teacher, Physics at Prescott High School

Greg Goode – IT Technician, District

Ryan Keim – Special Education ALPS Teacher, Mile High Middle School

Carol Matthies – Curriculum and IEP Coach, Child Study Services

Melissa Scott – Reading Specialist, Abia Judd Elementary School

Shelley Soifer – Kindergarten Teacher, Taylor Hicks Elementary School

Melinda White – Special Education Resource Teacher, Abia Judd Elementary School

The GEM award recognizes some of the finest employees of PUSD, who:

  • Support the educational mission of the District by contributing time and talent to either a classroom and/or to the business operations of the District;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence as team players and positive role models for others; and
  • Go above and beyond in their performance.

All certified, classified, full-time, or part-time PUSD employees may be nominated by their peers. PUSD Partners in Education committee members review nominees and select 10 individuals district-wide to be recognized by the Superintendent and Governing Board. The recognition event takes place at the District Office Board Room, after the start of a regularly scheduled Board meeting. There will be a reception for the nominees at 4:45 p.m. prior to the board meeting.

Nomination Review Committee:

gem-award2Cindy Nyman
Judy Kelch
Dan Kenley
Michael Ellegood
Richard Moore
Nancy Baker

» Nomination Form

Nomination(s) may be submitted to Andi Mayer at the District Office by the scheduled submission dates noted below. Scheduled events and nomination submission dates for 2016-2017 are:

Scheduled Events Nomination Submission Dates
December 6, 2016 November 16, 2016
May 9, 2017 April 13, 2017