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This application must be filled out annually for qualified families to receive free/reduced meal benefits. 

» Online Free/Reduced Meals Application

Please fill out an easy online application. You may or may not be interested in your child receiving free or reduced-cost meals at school. However, when we have more families complete the application, this can increase federal funding available to our schools. Available funding applies to not only meals, but also for important services like extra reading and math support for all students, as well as after-school programs.

The threshold for helping our schools qualify for additional funding is surprisingly high. For instance, a family of five can earn up to $53,243 per year. Please go to the link above and help your federal tax dollars come back to your community and to your school. Contact the Food and Nutrition office, at 717-3232, if you need a paper application or for more information

» Informational Parent Letter


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