Prescott Unified School District educates students to be confident, lifelong-learners prepared to achieve their full potential in a complex, interconnected world.


Providing extraordinary opportunities through a variety of programs and challenging curriculum.

Uniting the PUSD family of students, staff, and community members through positive relationships.

Supporting exceptional staff through ongoing individualized professional development.

Developing a highly educated, civic-minded, and productive community, one student at a time.

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Our American public school system was founded to maintain and further develop the American way of life. Hence, education is participation in and preparation for complete living in our system of government. Education is a privilege, a right, and a responsibility. The development of the individual to his/her full potential must always be a major purpose of our public system of education. The Prescott Unified School District has been a recognized leader in public education in the State of Arizona and it is our firm intention that we will continue to lead insofar as possible in student achievement and other education endeavors. Sound and innovative practices will be encouraged and implemented. We believe that the communication of events happening in our schools must be proclaimed through an on-going effort involving students, parents, staff, and the community, and we will work diligently towards that objective.